Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Here are few links/ pages for new/beginner DBAs

System Administration/ Unix Scripts

Monitoring CPU output on Solaris and report in excel
tail and grep tools for DBA
Good Linux / Unix System Admin Commands for DBA
Check Hardware configuration of Linux Box
grep next / previous few lines of key word
Collect and report Linux System Activity Information with sar
cpu vs core vs sockets - calculation 
Useful Shell commands and Scripts

Oracle Golden Gate


Oracle DBA 


Check the distribution of session on all the nodes 


SQL, PL/SQL , Automation

To put all the datafiles of the database or a tablespace in autoextend mode
Move table and dependant LOB to other tablespace
Converting Numbers to millions and more ...
Historical growth of tablespace
for the 1st time database users - How to start the database
Adding name of the table in the output from multiple tables

Performance Tuning

Explain plan for SQLs
Locks and Waits
Analyzing a Statspack Report
Schedule snapshot collection in Statspack reports
Local Indexes for Partitioning
Check maximum memory utilization for oracle Database
Identify Top CPU / Memory intensive process and map to corresponding Oracle Process/ Session
Identify Oracle Process ID and related SQL
check fragmentation of table
Identify session waiting on enq: TX - row lock contention 
Identify Sessions using an Object/ many Objects 
Detection of Deadlock errors and investigation


Oracle DBA Interview Questions
Oracle 11gr2 Database Reference
Configure FGA ( Fine Grain Auditing)
Favorite Oracle Metalink Notes
Renaming table: How does that affect the associated objects?
How to read Alert and Listener logs from SQLPLUS
Resize datafile and enable autoextend
Check Object Inventory & recently created objects
Life Without AWR
Stopping Oracle Services on Windows
Startup failure ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET not supported on this system
Check Tablespace Utilisation



Peformance Testing