for the 1st time database users - How to start the database

For the 1st time database users  - How to start the database
( please note:  not to be used on Production DATABASE)

Connect as the right user, who has the required privileges.

How to check that
run the below command to see if the database is running
ps -ef|grep pmon

It shows
 ora112 20836     1   0 16:38:26 ?           0:10 ora_pmon_KSKDB

Please note ora112 is the Unix user who has started the database.

So, connect as ora112.

How to connect to the database

Check if the database is created in the server
cat /etc/oratab
run . oraenv

Please enter the required DATABASE name,as below :-
/home/ora112[KSKDB]:. oraenv
The Oracle base remains unchanged with value /opt/64bit/oracle

Ensure you have set the right database ( ORACLE_SID), check by using
How to start the database

If the database is not running, ps -ef|grep pmon will not return any rows.
To start the database, follow the steps below:-
After setting the environment, connect using the access you have.

 login as sysdba

$sqlplus / as sysdba

SQL > startup

Once you get the database up, you can check using the below SQL
SQL > select name , open_mode from v$database;

Connect as sysdba for any DBA related work like  unlocking users, creating user, adding space etc.

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